artREVIEW: 100 Things to Know About Art

REVIEW: 100 Things to Know About Art


As a graphic design student with a long-term appreciation and love for art and books, it called my name.

I have read more reference books, mostly on art, design or self-help, which will definitely be a regular thing on my blog. I do not really have a niche, and I do not plan to have a niche because I enjoy too many genres to focus on. However, I will try to add variety to each month’s posts. Just to mix things up a bit more.

100 Things to Know About Art
By Susie Hodge and Marcus Parina (illustrator)

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summary of the story

How do you sum up the amazing art world in just 100 words? This impressive book takes on the challenge! From gloom to pointillism, each of the 100 carefully selected words has its own 100-word description and quirky illustration, providing a fascinating introduction to art. Basically, everything you need to know at a glance.

Along with some classic methods, like painting and drawing, you will also discover less predictable aspects of art that will give you a fresh perspective. Including Materials, Elements, Methods, Art Movements, Styles and Places This book covers a wide range of topics and themes, as well as some major past and present artists. With a clean and contemporary design, each word occupies its own page. A large and impressive illustration folds well the 100 accompanying text words.

Book review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

* A copy of this book was provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

I have always been a big fan of art, but it was hard to understand. When I was younger, I wanted to learn the timelines and movements, but it was hard to do it myself. It was only in college that I officially knew it then, through the design theory classes that took place on Thursday after lunch, too full and drowsy to focus on the class, to my dismay. However, this book is a great starting point if you are interested in learning more about art.

Susie Hodge explains art movements, painting materials, styles and other art-related terminology, such as gallery, exhibition and spatial design (which I am very interested in and should definitely check out). It provides the historical context, examples and also a list of resources for further reading.

From cover to cover, each page was filled with fun and bright illustrations using a fairly limited color palette, but creating amazing and inspiring art. With extensive use of texture and beautiful fonts, this is the dream of book lovers and art lovers. It made me want to do some art.

As I read and typed notes for my review, I go on and on about the great illustration style, and here I quote an unedited and compelling point, “Man, I can start yelling at the textures and colors.” Overall, this is a great book that explains concepts in an easy-to-understand way, with or without previous experience in art history. The art is beautiful and inspiring, and it also works great as a coffee table book.



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