Book ReviewREVIEW: do you suffer? | SKAVANSIEUR

REVIEW: do you suffer? | SKAVANSIEUR


Every second week of the month we read a poetry file. I have a lot of these and will definitely have more on my blog in the future.

I do fear that I fall into a kind of niche of poetry, because I enjoy reading different genres and need to change it, otherwise I become insensitive. There will be many more in November, and January, but not too much that it will flood you.


Do you suffer?
By Guinber Yossebe,

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summary of the story

“Do you suffer?” Is Guinevere Yoseyva’s first book of poetry from the end of 2018 – 2019. This collection of their works exists as a record of their inner suffering from this period. It is an expression of their attempt to work through this mindset and life as a release of these emotions.

Book review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

* A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

“Do you suffer?” It is a collection of songs centered on formative suffering, anger, loss and betrayal. It’s personal and reflective, and it feels like I’m reading a diary.

Yossef’s poetry is a pleasure to read. I enjoyed the personification and the way the poet chooses to describe things. Unlike many poems that focus on images, the poet carefully chooses words that emphasize emotions. I have a few favorite lines but especially the opening line below, it still causes my jaw to spill, even weeks after its reading.

The smiling moon
Smiling towards everyone
But me

Guinber Yossebe

I love the headlines. To me it was the best part of this collection. I also enjoyed the way the writer uses the text design to enhance the emotions and context, it is always a pleasure to read such books.

However, I have some minor issues with this book. There were some songs I could not understand because of the context (I do not understand the part about the envy of Paris Hilton ..?) So I could not enjoy it to the end. There were also minor spelling errors that were ignored, but that did not affect the reading too much.

Yossef is also an artist, which you can see and purchase Here.



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