Book ReviewsReview: Everything Within and In Between by Nikki Barthelmess

Review: Everything Within and In Between by Nikki Barthelmess


Do you know the emotionally fascinating books? It just requires reading you? It was me and Everything between them and between them. It’s a story about family, addiction and identity. Continue reading this book review for my full thoughts.


Throughout Ree Fernandez’s life, she was told, “We live in America and speak English.” Raised by her strict Mexican grandmother, Ree was never allowed to learn Spanish. What’s more, her grandmother always pushed Rey out of the neighborhood they call home and into her best friend’s estate and country club in the hopes that it would bring Rey closer to fulfilling the “American Dream”.

In her most private thoughts, Ree always believed that her mother, who disappeared when she was young, would accept her just as she was. So when Cherry finds an unanswered secret letter from her mother begging for a visit, Ree decides to sue back what her grandmother kept from her: language and mother. But nothing goes as planned. Her mother is not who Cherry imagined she would be. Veri struggles to navigate the various intertwined threads of her mixed legacy that make her who she is. No one has any idea who she really is – not even Larry herself.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. It did not affect my review that it is unbiased and honest.)

TW: Racism, Colorism

Everything between them and between them Starts with a letter. It starts with looking for answers, to questions you can never rest on your laurels. But what it starts with is an overwhelming and difficult journey to examine ourselves and our family. To take a look at the micro-aggressiveness we were victims of while examining our actions and prejudices. Because of her passing son Sherry, her life is different from her classmates and family. And although it made her feel disconnected from her culture, it is equally important to examine why.

Ree’s struggles with her identity, as well as the way she needs to understand that assimilation means survival, is a coping mechanism in some ways, have been so emotional. Everything between them and between them He has nuances. It examines both the positive results and the consequences. Those that even we may not be aware of in our lives. Because it takes the form of the weight of the sacrifices of our family for our future. It takes the form of prejudices that we will never have to experience, as well as those that people cannot anticipate.

Everything between them and between them It’s not just about how people perceive us, it’s about how we see ourselves. On recognizing how the world sees us, and what we do. Throughout this discussion of identity, Rey’s story is full of secrets and a family that chooses us. Because the family that constantly chooses us, which proves that it is more protective of our name, is so important. Everything between them and between them He is emotional to the core from beginning to end. I can no longer recommend it to anyone who wants characters who make mistakes and need to ask themselves.

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Who is your favorite dual-race MC?

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