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Should You Self-Publish Your Book in 2022?


If I had written years ago, the only way my work would have looked to others was if a traditional book publisher liked what they saw. However, with more than 150,000 books published in the UK alone each year, writing something that will be noticed by someone significant in the publishing world may be no small achievement.

However, there is now another option: self-advertising.

Self-publicity is not a new concept, in fact, it dates back to 1979, but until recently there was a kind of stigma attached to those who went that route. While self-published writers sing from the rooftops about having more creative control over their work and the potential for higher sales royalties, traditionally published writers remain steadfast in their thoughts, believing that a publishing house is the only way to achieve true success.

Therefore, for a writer the question remains whether it is better to self-publish or work with a publisher?

What is meant by traditional publishing?

Traditionally, people have worked in the past with a third party person who helps edit and release your book to market. They complement what it takes to turn your manuscript into something that people would want to buy and for that reason, you might see a smaller refund. You are no longer the sole owner of your work; Basically you enter into a partnership with someone else so he will also take some of the profits.

It may sound difficult, but what you need to keep in mind is that you work with an expert in the field, you have access to his knowledge in the industry and their contacts, which means your work may be seen by more people than if you advertise yourself.

What is self-promotion?

When you put out a book for yourself, you take responsibility for all aspects of the process. Editing the story, creating an eye-catching book cover, designing the text and marketing the title; You are the one in charge. That does not mean you can not ask for help, there are many companies and individuals who provide their expertise and offer the Book editing services, Illustrators who will devote their time to anticipating and designing the perfect book sleeve for you and marketing companies that will help with promotions and booking tours. This means that you are not alone during the process but you maintain complete control over all decision making.

As you have read, each option offers something different, and both have advantages, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and choice and where you think your skills are.

How do you decide?

# 1 Money

Realistic self-promotion is going to cost more in the first place. While usually the publisher would take on the costs of producing your masterpiece, if you go the self-publishing route, you will find that your bank balance will be affected. However, if you succeed, you will see yourself reaping the rewards. When self-publishing, you can earn up to 70% of royalties for selling e-books and 50% for printed sales, much higher than the prize through a publishing house where royalties can be as low as 5% on printed books and 25% on e-books, so That you can get your money back faster if you decide to advertise yourself.

# 2 Maintain creative control

We all protect our creations, and if you publish yourself you will have complete control over what happens to your work. However, sometimes we need that critical eye to look at things and tell us what works or doesn’t work, what can be cut and what needs to be expanded. This is a benefit that comes automatically with traditional publishing, while if you advertise yourself, if you want someone else to review your manuscript, you will need to find the right editor for you and cover the additional fees, though you should also keep in mind Indie publishers Offering the security of a traditional publishing house but with more flexibility on the part of the writer.

# 3 Audience

Working with a veteran traditional advertiser will likely make you pay attention much faster than if you advertise yourself. That does not mean you will not succeed, it can take longer to reach the same level of promotion. You need to keep in mind that these are experienced professionals so there will be huge marketing teams behind them to create excitement towards your advertising date. Bookstores are more likely to hold your book if it came from a reputable company that they have a long-standing relationship with. This is not to say that if you advertise yourself you will not get any exposure, you may have to think for a long time where it came from.

It might also be worth noting here, and yes, I guess it’s a marmot book, but 50 Shades of Al James’s came out self-published, sold over 100 million copies and remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 133 consecutive weeks. I’m pretty sure many writers who have worked with traditional publishing houses could only dream of a success that would look that way.

To learn about more successful self-published writers, read this article on 10 successful writers who have published themselves.

If self-promotion is your preferred route, there are still support options available to you. A number of companies currently offer a total number of services Developmental editing Packages and Mentoring in writing Advice that will help you excel at a very small cost.

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Finally, I think it’s important to remember that unfortunately, no matter if you decide to publish yourself or go the more traditional route, the chances of earning enough to retire with just one book are slim. On Average writers can do Wherever between £ 5,000 and an amount exceeding £ 500,000 per book written. Therefore, unless you are destined to become the next JK Rowling, you may find that you have to write a series of books similar to that of George R.R. Martin, Stephanie Mayer or Diana Gabaldon if you want to be a full-time successful writer.

For inspiration and to find out who are the richest writers in the world (2021) see this article Includes the top 20.

Thinking of publishing a book? Would you advertise yourself? Maybe you are already a successful writer and would like to share your insights with others.

Thanks to Marginalia Manuscripts for sponsoring this article. I was paid for my time but all the opinions and opinions mentioned in this work are mine.

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Should you publish your next book yourself?  If you are unsure and need help, this article covers some of the more pressing points to consider.  There are benefits to both self-promotion and a more traditional advertising path and this article through @tbookjunkie examines both.



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