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It’s a real pleasure to introduce Jenny Ansor Linda’s Bookcase For the Muted Blog Tour. I want to thank both Jenny and Rebecca Collins b Hubek For inviting me to attend. I’m happy to share my review today.

Jenny used to stay here with me to talk about it Not everything And provided a brilliant guest post on Blind side That you will find here. I also reviewed another book by Jenny, The girl in his eyes Here.

Published tomorrow, December 7th, 2021, Muted Available for purchase at all regular locations including directly flashed Here.


A teenage girl is murdered on her way home from school, stabbed in the heart. Her community in north London is shocked, but no one has the courage to help the police, not even her mother. DI Callum Waverley, in his first role as a senior investigative officer, is trying to break the code of silence that surrounds the case.

This is a world where the infamous skull team rules through fear. Everyone knows you’ll shut up or shut up – permanently.

This is Luke’s world. Upset by the loss of his mother to cancer, his stepfather distant at best, violent at worst, he slips into the grip of the skull team.

This is also the world of jazz. Her alcoholic mother does not know and does not care that her 16-year-old daughter is being exploited by V, the almighty leader of the gang.

Luke and Jazz make contact. Can Callum win their trust, or will his demons sabotage his investigation? And can anyone stop the skull staff to ensure all witnesses are silent?

Silenced is the new and fascinating thriller by British author Jenny Ansor. A fascinating story of love, fear and betrayal, it’s Romeo and Juliet for our troubled times.

My review is muted

The murder of a young girl has repercussions throughout the community.

What a completely insane story. Catch me Muted From beginning to end because it is exciting, written with compassion and authority, and also brilliantly entertaining. Muted There are so many layers that it can be read on several levels, which gives it a fascinating depth – so much so that I could not stop thinking about it when I did not read it. Jenny Ansour’s writing quality is so smooth and efficient that it manages to seep into the reader’s mind, causing them to rethink the world and question their assumptions about others. I think the natural dialogue is what helps make it so influential as it is as if the reader is eavesdropping on real people’s conversations. Add in first person narratives that feel like the characters are speaking directly to the reader, and yes Muted It really is a strong, powerful and important novel.

First of all Muted It is a compelling procedural narrative that convinces the reader completely from the beginning. A fast pace for the procedural element is created by timed or dated values, fascinating short episodes and a basic sense of threat. Several times I found my heart beating in tension as I read. I thought Callum was a wonderful character and the way his past resonates in his current life makes him even more compelling. As his character is gradually built and revealed, he becomes more and more alive and attractive. Through Callum, Jenny Ansor illustrates the impact of crime on those who investigate it with absolute clarity.

I was mesmerized and equally appalled by the element of Gangland’s culture Muted. Here I was presented with a world so far removed from mine that it should feel foreign, but Jenny Ansor writes with such authority that I found myself immersed in a world of crime that felt too real and frightening. I was afraid of V, Zom et al, because I believed in them completely.

However, the component of the narrative I found so compelling, so influential and so thought-provoking was the exploration of society, morality, truth, and of how easy it is for young people like Luke and Jazz to get sucked into a lifestyle they can not escape. My heart ached for these two young men even when their actions should have made me loathe them. Jenny Ansor presents the real world with empathy, sensitivity and intense psychological insight. After reading Muted I feel like I understand the world better.

The themes of memory, truth, family, loyalty, violence, guilt and justice are intertwined Muted Are presented with such skill that it is impossible to believe that it is a fictional work.

Muted This is a fantastic book. It is exciting, fascinating, completely reliable and a complete victory.

About Jenny Ansor

A Londoner with an Irish heritage, Jenny Ansour began her writing career as a journalist, earning a master’s degree in journalism (winning two awards) and covering topics ranging from forced marriage to accidents in the mining industry. She is also not afraid to deal with controversial issues in her novels: Islamic terrorism, Russian gangsters and war crimes in the premiere Blind side (Psychological mystery combined with a love story), domestic abuse and second-hand sexual exploitation, The girl in his eyes.

Her third novel Not everything , A comedy for a relationship, is a trip to the more positive side of life. A new edition was released in January 2021.

Ms. Ansor’s poetry has appeared in many publications, including Critique of poetry Salzburg, Sweat ink and tears. Her song Lost connection Second place in the Breakout Prose category of the Fish Lockdown Award for 2020.

In her free time (?) She reads, walks and tries yoga twice a week. She regularly rides the punishing hills of North London and at the end of the day enjoys collapsing with a bar of chocolate / a glass of strong alcohol in front of a crime drama on TV.

You can find out more by following Jenny on Twitter @Jennie_Ensor, Finds her Facebook or Instagram And criticize her Website.

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