‘Our ancestors are enemies. Our lives are predetermined – doomed from the beginning. ‘
‘You do not go out with the son of a crime boss for the Irish mob when you are the daughter of a senator.’

Well, What can we say after reading Trilina Pucci’s Holy Preparation Duet Simeon in one hit? This is an age-old story, a sad, raw and dark version of the talented lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Continued by anxiety, suffering and manipulation. Saturated with love, passion and eroticism. Absorbed with heartbreak, revenge and violence. This duet was literally a roller coaster ride and Trillina Pucci had our feelings everywhere down to the last page. A dark anti-hero novel written in a wonderful way, so consuming and lacking in boundaries, just the way we love it!

“Satan already knows your name, Calder Wolf. And one day, even he will be afraid of the king … Tragedy awaits you. Death knocks. And it’s on its doorstep.”

We have a soft spot for love stories that are cursed by circumstances, in this case even more so because this duet was as hard as nails. It was not hearts and flowers that were beautiful or even stereotypically romantic. Or rather, it was a mess. Ugly, infected and bleeding. There was so much condensed in this story, from families at war, Irish mob, corrupt politicians, to murder and tortured riot of the enemy. We were there for everything!

“I will give you the stars, and the moon, and”
“Love. You’re going to give me love.”

The way Just like heaven Started, we had a feeling this was not going to be an easy ride. Once we read: “Your love will end tragically – he will not save you … but you will save him.” We just knew! And we were not wrong. We had a shiver like Sutton when she encountered her fate, her soulmate, Calder Wolf. Wheels are turned on and their story is shocking as it may be, but the love is intense and all-encompassing.

“Death does not wait for Calder. It is to listen to his teaching.”

We got stuck knowing we were able to pick up right away Sin like hell Continue their journey, knowing full well that it is going to get much worse before it gets better. We had no idea! But beauty was too hidden between the pages.

“You saved me. Gave me a purpose. Led me to be the man I was meant to be. Because for an angel to walk on this earth, he would need the protection of the devil.”

Sutton is a beautiful, slightly innocent and innocent Catholic girl who faces the ultimate test when she is speechless by the blue-eyed ‘devil’, the dirty and amazing bad boy from the wrong side of the track, who is everything she did. Do not know was missing from her life. In return, Calder knows he has found his soul mate and he will fight to the death to keep her safe and in his arms. The road to their ‘happy’ is like one long explosive scene. Twists and manipulations from conspiracies are thrown like barriers to thwart their romance and happiness and wealth.

“I hope you find me and that I’m still whole. Because I never expected that when I told you I was willing to shuffle through hell to be with you – that tonight, the devil would call my bluff.”

There are some scenes in this duet so hot that the turn of the pages has burned our fingers. You all know these scenes, the ones that are so outrageous, that they completely ignite a belly fire and raise your pulse! We will not tell more about it…. But Calder Wolf is Everything! This duet has consumed us, and we can only imagine the experience of an active volcano boiling until it boils to a frenetic eruption of hot molten lava …Intention of words.

Although it felt a little too much love to us at first, when we turned the last page of the second book, we were in tears at the heartfelt beauty of Sutton and Calder’s love story!

“Write about love defying the stars. Write about yours.”



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