boy scoutsStory of the Boy Scouts

Story of the Boy Scouts


The story of the viewers

presenter: Strange illustrations in the Hardy Boys style and historical images in black and white accompany this book on the history of the viewers. While there are some pictures of African-American children and a boy with a turban on the cover, some stories about the boys “howling like Indians” and “Native American games” as they set up camp are also included. One child is described as a “cripple” who does not look like a “man to lead” and grows up when he has to work with the girls in the sewing room instead of being outside with the boys. This is a snapshot of the times, but a lot has happened in the 50+ years that have passed since this book was published. The children in our library need more up-to-date information about viewers, and more culturally sensitive language. Girls can now join the Scout movement in their activities, and are no longer restricted in the sewing room.

Holly: WorldCat’s description of this book says: “Discusses the origins and continued growth of Scouts, tells true stories of Scout heroism and adventure and describes the many activities of Scouts.” I am in favor of the history of the viewers, but respectful language is a must. Kids interested in spectator activities can definitely do better than that!

Scouts howl like Indians

Indian fashion of viewers

Disabled Scouts



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