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Summary and Review: Under the Whispering Door by T.J. Klune


The two-paragraph version: Wallace is an unpleasant and selfish man who died. He is brought to a tea house where the ferryman, Hugo, is there to help Wallace process his life and enter the doorway to the next world when he is ready. At the tea house, Wallace befriends the others there and learns to care and sacrifice for others. He also develops romantic feelings towards Hugo.

When Wallace lengthens his time, the manager (a God-like being) gives Wallace a severe 7-day limit before he has to move on. During this time, Wallace corrects with his ex-wife (he is bisexual) and helps the grieving mother find closure. He also helps save Cameron, who was the “Hask” (a ghost who lost his humanity), who were once considered hopeless. When it’s time to leave, the manager agrees to let Hugo continue to work on saving other shells, and the manager decides to bring Wallace back to life so he can work as a Reaper (ghost shepherd to the tea house) alongside Hugo.

Wallace Price He is an unpleasant, calculated and selfish lawyer who died of a heart attack. At his funeral (sparsely attended), he is received by May, A reaper, who’s there to get him to the ferryman, Hugo Freeman. This is Mae’s first exit as Ripper’s working solo.

Hugo and May run a tea shop called Tea and treats from Charon’s Crossing While helping ghosts like Wallace move on. There is a door on the fourth floor that leads to the next world whenever Wallace is ready.

Meanwhile, Wallace processes his thoughts here in the tea shop, but he can not leave otherwise he will start to crumble. He is also tied to Hugo via a cable that connects to each of them and prevents Wallace from floating away. The ghosts of Hugo’s grandfather, NelsonAnd dog, Apollo, Also live in the tea shop.

Wallace initially tries to escape, but he encounters a horrific creature. Hugo explains that the creature is vault, Which is a ghost that escaped and became not Remember, And this is what happens if you fall apart and lose your humanity. Later, Wallace encounters Cameron again and when Cameron catches him, Wallace sees Cameron’s memories. He learns that Cameron had an unhappy childhood, but falls in love with a man named Zack. When Zack died three years later, Cameron went into depression and committed suicide.

Meanwhile, during the day, Hugo runs the store while May cooks in the kitchen. There’s a miserable woman there dwarf Who visits the store regularly. At night, everyone talks to Wallace to try to help him process his life. Wallace regrets neglecting his ex-wife Naomi and letting their marriage fail. He also thinks that he had no friends and was not a nice person.

As Wallace learns to get to know each other, he and Hugo begin to develop feelings for each other. He also learns that an entity on behalf of the director hired Hugo for this job shortly after Hugo’s parents died in a car accident. As for whom, she is a psychic, and the manager taught her how to navigate back and forth from her human and spiritual selves when she took on the role of Reaper. Finally, Nelson has been dead for several years, but he resisted moving on because he wanted to ensure that Hugo would be happy and in good hands before he did. And Apollo also objected to moving on since Hugo was still alive.

One day, a woman named Desdemona arrives at the store with two of her associates. Mae is very upset because she does not like Desdemona and sees her as a crook. Desdemona is someone who does fake séances and pretends she feels ghosts (and collects money for her services). One of the people she cheated on was Nancy (the unfortunate woman who visits often). Wallace and Nelson decide to scare Desdemona, and May feels grateful to them for it.

Eventually, Wallace learns that he was a ripper before Mae who was not particularly good. When Cameron escaped, Ripper was the one who ordered Hugo not to follow him, resulting in Cameron becoming a Lasek. There was also an incident involving the ghost of a young girl named Leah, Who missed her mother, Nancy. Mae thinks Nancy has light spiritual powers since Nancy was able to locate Leah’s ghost in the tea house. When she saw her mother, Leah started going crazy. Instead of letting them calm her down, the Reaper forced Leah into the next world before she was ready. Emma Nancy feels something and keeps coming back hoping to feel it again.

On Wallace’s 22nd day there, an angry ghost named Allen is brought to the tea shop by Mae. Alan was murdered in the alley by a man who owed him money. Allen resists moving on, despite all their efforts to help him. When he learns about the story that involves Nancy and Leah, he tries to make a scene with Nancy.

When the health inspector (Harvey) Jumping for a visit, Allen notices a resemblance between Harvey and the man who killed them, even though he is aware that they are not the same person. Alan goes berserk and starts messing with Harvey. Finally, the manager shows up and freezes time. He forces Allen to move on and he tells Wallace that he has had enough time to process his death and that he needs to resolve his affairs for the next seven days, otherwise he will have to move on even then.

Knowing he has to come to terms with giving up his happy existence in the tea shop, Wallace quickly goes through the stages of mourning, but accepts his fate. He invites Hugo to his ex-wife to apologize on his behalf for his actions and try to correct some kind. He and Hugo also travel to a place where Wallace’s father used to take him as a child. They also put out a plan to use Wallace’s ghost presence to let Nancy know she was safe and moved on, so Nancy could find some closure.

Finally, when Wallace encounters Cameron again, he realizes that Cameron wants his help. He felt that Cameron was lost. As he reaches out to touch Cameron, he sees his memories of how the previous Ripper was cold and scared Cameron, which is his reason for running away from the tea shop and crumbling. Wallace decides to do something selfless and he removes his connection (which connects him to Hugo) and attaches him to the vault instead, not knowing what it says about him.

When Wallace wakes up, he learns that Cameron is fine now, and that my name has managed to keep him (Wallace) from moving away using the Apollo dog leash. When he talks to Hugo, they realize that there may be other shells that can be saved and that the manager misled Hugo by making him think they were lost causes.

When the last day comes, the manager shows up to make sure Wallace moves on, and they take the opportunity to confront him about the shells. He refuses to explain to them why he did what he did or what his plan is (saying it is beyond their comprehension and that everything worked out), but he reluctantly agrees to let them try to save the other cockroaches that exist.

Finally, when Wallace lets go and is about to pass through the doorway to the unknown afterlife, the manager makes the impulsive decision to bring Wallace back to life. He says he’s curious to see how it goes, and that Wallace will work as a second reaper alongside Mae and Hugo, as they will have a lot of work on their hands with all the clicks and what not. Afterwards, Wallace and Hugo finally kiss.

In the epilogue, Mae coached Wallace as a reaper, and the trio continued to save the Huskies and help other spirits as well. Nelson realizes that Hugo is happy and in good hands, and he decides it’s time to move on. Hugo encourages Apollo to go with him, and the two pass through the door together. The book ends with May telling them about the next spirit with which they will work.

For more details, see the full summary chapter by chapter.

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