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title: The carpet of my mother’s life: stories, fractures and silences

author: Mallard Hassel

genre: Biography / Memories

The rug of my mother’s life Weaves together the story of Christa von Hasel. Christa spent her formative years in Pomerania, where she was born in 1923. She moved to Germany in the 1930s, and lived for periods in Prague, Brussels, Rome and England before immigrating to America in 1971. Christa died in Southampton, Long Island in 2009.

The rug of my mother’s life Is a wonderful marriage of memories broken through the imagination. It is so absorbing that the reader can be forgiven for thinking he has captured a wonderfully written affair, with the complex and attractive Christa as the protagonist.

The prose is just lovely. The words are intricately woven, well detailed and carefully weighed with delicate emotion. Ms. von Hasel is a talented and accomplished writer. Its use of language is essentially elegant, the chapters are precisely constructed, and the book is immaculately edited.

However, it was helpful to provide a pedigree or timeline for reference, and the inclusion of the images was more helpful in the middle or located along the way.

The book provides a fascinating description of an incredibly interesting life. Christa was born on the estate of her mother, Motrin, in Pomerania (now Poland). Her rather idyllic childhood is wonderfully realized. The rich and descriptive images of Motrin and its inhabitants bring the lively estate to life.

As in any family, there is a liberal dispersal of eccentric and unconventional figures. Their various deeds are associated with clear objectivity, while their personality is delicately analyzed, albeit with a sharp and knowing insight.

The reader follows Christa as a girl navigating Germany under the Nazi regime and into her marriage to the author’s father, Wolf Ulrich von Hasel. They both read well, and the depth and quiet power of their relationship are touchingly exposed, like the sweet inscriptions they left on each other on the books.

However, the purpose of The rug of my mother’s life He’s not just conveying Christa’s intriguing journey. There are two additional topics, and these will be familiar and / or relevant to some extent for most readers.

First, although Christa was a survivor and had an extraordinary talent for adapting to circumstances, she did so quietly. Any personal issue that is considered inconvenient is simply dismissed or shifted.

Ms. Von Hasel writes movingly about her growing frustration with this oppressive attitude while Christa was alive, followed by the useless awareness of all the things that were left unsaid, and not asked, after she died.

It is very influential but never turns to self-indulgence. Even when Ms. von Hasel considers the impact that Christa’s personal qualities had on her life, she does so with introspection and measured acceptance.

Second, the consideration of the modest daily ruins a person leaves behind, from equipping a beloved kitchen to a centuries-old desk. Each of them has an incredible wealth of memories soaked in them and Ms. von Hassel explores not only the emotional attachment to these inanimate objects, but also the painfully prosaic question of what to do with it all.

Ms. Von Hassel feels unbearable guilt to just let it go, but knowing that it is equally unhealthy to linger among too many ghosts from the past, Ms. Von Hassel writes with amusing eloquence, recognizing the trap of crucial sentimentality as she debates the dilemma.

The carpet of my mother’s life: stories, fractures and silences Written with perfect skill to produce an incredibly deep and sweeping read. Ms. von Hasel effortlessly builds a captivating portrait of Christa’s life and emotional legacy that is wonderfully entertaining and painfully poignant.

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