award winningTerry Persun's Thrilling New Mystery THE RIGHT THING •...

Terry Persun’s Thrilling New Mystery THE RIGHT THING • WildBlue Press


After the murder of his unborn wife and child, the only time independent technology researcher Ten feels alive is when he cuts himself. In recent years he has taken independent investigative work. Some of these works were in the government group that betrayed him, but are now run by a friend.

There was an escape from a woman’s prison in Mansi. Tan is a partner in Maria Tanner, a company that aims to help him repair his broken spirit and employ his mind. Before they know it, they are being pushed into a dangerous world of computer hackers, sexual assaults, sex scandals in small towns and multiple fruits to jail.

In this distorted mystery, everyone is seen guilty of one crime or another with the edges of morality blurred. When he has been so wronged in life, how can ten choose the right thing for others?

From the book:

* Warning: The following section contains graphic language *

He missed the normal. But it was no longer normal. There was no time. So he stared at the pictures that represented normal at a certain time. He stared at his wife’s face, arms and hands. He had few pictures of her whole body, which sometimes bothered him. As she stood in the kitchen, she was cut at the waist. One of them was sitting on a blanket by the lake and one where she was waiting for him next to the car. Her body, from head to toe, is intact. Somehow, these pictures were the most important to him. Then, maybe a few close-ups of her face only. But mostly, at this moment, he wanted to see her whole – as whole as possible in the photo.

The thunder burst out of the window and he jumped. He stared out the window for several long seconds, saw the rain hitting the glass and cheaply in the streams. In the distance, above the parking lot, trees bent and then tore back, flexible but definitely taut. Ten went back to his phone and flipped through some more pictures. She was not very far away, but in one shot she picked up her shirt and held her belly as if her pregnancy was noticeable. She had the widest smile on her face.

Terry Persson
Writer Terry Persson

Behind him Maria said, “She was beautiful.”

Ten dropped his phone and turned angrily. “What the hell. Why are you spying after all this time?”

Maria stepped back, stunned by his attack. “I’m not a spy. I came in, like you said, when I was ready for a late dinner. It’s late. That’s all. It’s just late.” Her voice broke and dragged on.

Another crack of thunder was released beyond the window just as she finished. “Do not look at me like that. I did not mean anything. You are allowed to look at her pictures. You do not have much.” Maria’s eyes went up as she spoke. “I do it too. I miss this life. I miss White. I hate this job.” She turned and wiped her eyes. “No God Working, This Working. I do not know where it is going, what we are involved in, and why it is so fucking fucking and perverted. “



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