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The 12 most popular posts of 2021 – Modern Mrs Darcy


I love year-end summary and superlatives, no matter the topic. Today we can refer the reflective lens to this blog. These are the 12 posts that have garnered the most views on the page during the calendar year beginning January 1st, in order, the most at least.

It’s always interesting to see what ends up on this list, because “popular” does not mean “best”. I’m always surprised to see what’s on the list and what’s not, and hope you enjoy seeing what comes up.

I’ll start with a few posts that have consistently come in the top ten in recent years, mainly due to the popularity of Google search. they:

• 100 socks that will really be appreciated, will not feel like a waste of money, and will not be broken / destroyed / forgotten until Rosh Hashanah. This post starts appearing consistently every October (which is just one reason we update it every year).
• Not downloadable: 17 books I read in 24 hours or less (because they were so good), Because apparently readers are always looking for mysteries and thrillers.
• 9 books you should have read in high school that are totally worth reading now. Readers’ interest in “classical” literature will not soon disappear.

The most read posts of the year in Modern Mrs Darcy

1. 33 Historical Fiction Books Enthusiastic readers can not get enough.

We asked our readers community what their favorite historical novels were and they certainly provided. The reactions are also a gold mine!

2. 20 short novels that you can read in one day.

Many readers turn to this post now When they are looking for books from the shorter side so that they can meet their reading challenge goal. You can cancel one of these subtle fiction works in the afternoon, but you will think about these books for weeks, months, even years after you put them down.

3. The Minimalist Reading Guide for Summer 2021.

Every year I release an abridged version of the summer reading guide, which includes five extremely entertaining titles, with a wide appeal and covering a variety of topics, themes, genres and perspectives.

4. 6 books I needed to be talked about reading (which I’m so glad I read).

I hardly read these wonderful books because I avoided them for silly reasons.

5. 15 sweeping historical fiction books about events that were not ignored.

You probably did not learn about these events in a history lesson! Novels bring life to lesser-known historical events in a whole new way.

6. 15 preventative literary mysteries that balance plot and prose.

An unfathomable mystery combined with a beautifully written literary novel? Sign me up.

7. The tiny homework assignments that save my life right now.

“It feels weird to say that laundry saves my life, but it’s not really the laundry that does it. It’s turning a task once devoured into an intriguing riddle (and you know how I feel about puzzles); the subtle change in thinking about accessing the little one out of intention and caring.”

8. 7 series to read next After you run out of Louise Penny’s novels.

Turns out I’m not the only one looking for a great mystery series that will keep me busy while I wait for the release of Inspector Gamacha’s next novel. Note: There are 344 (!!!) comments to this post, which means my 7 recommendations are just the beginning.

9. 15 books that will take you on a shipping vacation.

It’s easy to see why this post was so popular in 2021: These escapist chants invite you to go on a secular vacation, perfect when you can not leave home on your own.

10. 25 fascinating true stories that you did not learn in a history lesson.

Great reference books can reveal some of the history we never learned about in school. These stories are read like novels, and will make you eager to know what happened and how it fits into your previous understanding of the event or era.

11. 12 narrative reference books to provide your sense of adventure.

These narrative reference books abound in true stories about world travels, dangerous expeditions, and outdoor adventures. You’ll have a hard time putting them down!

12. 15 summer reading guide favorites on the back list that are even better at audio.

You can listen to audiobooks all year round, but summer has great opportunities of its own, whether you are in the garden, sitting by the pool or on a hike, making it a great time to head back to the list.

post Scriptum. For more superlatives: Check out my 2021 Favorite Books and 2021 Favorite Audiobooks and Podcasts.

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