5 StarsTHE ENIGMA (Unlawful Men #2) by JODI ELLEN MALPAS



** Review without spoiler **

“I fought for power, in Wu I fought for freedom. For revenge. For hatred. But I never fought for love.”

Wow … this series definitely is riveting. Our Favorite by Judy Allen Malps after the this person series. Brilliant writing, with an emphasis on tension and passion alike. The enigma was captivating, moving, dark, erotic and completely unreliable. Written so well, with a focus on a strong connection of character. We highly recommend if you have not read the British Still, pick it up and immerse yourself in the dark world of crime, violence, retribution and intense love, and then move on to the enigma. This series Needs To be called in order. For readers of dark romance, anti-heroes and strong heroines, this is it Definitely Add series to your reading lists!

‘Who are you, James Kelly? And how can you keep me captive to the curiosity I know is dangerous? ‘
‘He had an Arctic cold. not friendly. spelling. Darkness seduces darkness’.
“He’s the most beautiful dark thing I’ve ever seen.”

The story of Bo and James felt original and in our opinion showed how much the writer developed in her writing. Fresh, intense and suspenseful; The British was just the beginning, and the enigma took it to a whole new level. These characters stole our breath and our hearts. The atmosphere was so emotionally raw, edgy and powerful through the excruciating broken darkness in Bo and James. Their chemistry was explosive, And so are their personal stories. When they reunited it was completely heartbreaking but also exciting. Their connection is deep. Their chemistry is on fire!

‘…suitor Views to me. Even if she does not know what she is looking at. ‘
‘It’s toxic. But for me it is a balm. And I’m deadly. But for her I am life. ‘

Which we definitely are beloved There was the development of the character and the way their plot line developed. It held a punch so hard! Without any unnecessary and repetitive internal monologue from Bo, it made her one of our all-time favorite heroines by this author. And James, oh …which man! No matter the freezing time, we will need an ice bath to cool off while reading this book. We do love our kink and Judy Allen Malps has done an amazing job here with James Kelly!

‘Love and hate. I could not stop loving this man if I tried, no matter who he is. And I could not stop hating the world if my life depended on it. But I can do both. Love and hate. ‘

The enigma is the reading tip of your seat -Wow- We kept guessing and holding our breath in the twists and turns we had to take on hot And an explosive ride. Bravo, Judy Allen Malpas, you definitely are I succeeded!

‘In the midst of the chaotic and noisy crash of our bodies together, there is silence. her eyes. my eyes. Her thoughts. my thoughts. Her heart. My Heart. Its darkness. My darkness. Her demons are diluted by mine. And hers. ‘



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