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The New York Times Reveals Their 10 Best Books Of 2021


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As the end of the year approaches, various platforms are starting to put together a selection of the books that they think deserve the literary spotlight of the last 365 days.

From Goodreads picks to the top five books of the year on Amazon, these lists are often a great way to compare what revolves around our social media bubble to what the major media and platforms think are best about them. (Amazon’s list has one book in common for the New York Times. Read this entire post and see if you can guess which one before clicking this link.)

Book Riot is of course no exception in this regard – we always want to tell you all For our favorite reading – and you can check out the books that are most dear to our hearts in 2021 here.

The 10 best books of the year as they are now presented by the New York Times have lasted almost since the beginning of Book Review, back in 1896.

After several changes over the years, in 2004 the list took the form still in use today: With the arrival of autumn, editors begin to read, discuss and choose what will become their final list of the ten best books of the year.

These are their choices for 2021:

As is customary in the New York Times 10 Best Books of the Year lists, the first five books are tagged under the literary-literary genre, and the other five are reference works, though Battut is said to stand on the edge of both. .

This year’s list includes two books in translation. Alternatively, if we have the mood to be pedantic, we can say that it actually includes four, since Ditlevsen’s books are actually three books together and can be found and purchased on their own (a nice little way to include 12 books on the 10, New York Times list!). You will also find a number of important works around issues of social justice, including status and race, literature and reference alike.

WEB Du Bois love songs Was one of the choices of the Opera Book Club of 2021. It was also nominated for Time’s Best Books for 2021. Similarly, other books on the list above also fell under Best of Time 2021 Reference books: June 10, How the world goes, An invisible child, And Copenhagen Trilogy.

50 percent of the nominated books were written by color writers. Last year, Same list Included forty percent of color connectors.

Read more about each of the 10 books listed above At this link. And for those who have full access to the New York Times website, Here are 100 notable books that came out in 2021 That their editors put together.



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