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The Rec League: Post Apocalyptic Romance


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This Rec League comes from Jesse. Thanks, Jesse!

I know this may not be what other people are looking for right now, but I’m devouring post-apocalyptic novels and I need more to feed the beast. So far I’ve read it all by Kit Rocha, Claire Kent’s Last Light, Alyssa Cole’s Radio Silence trilogy and most recently Kat Boost’s Moonshine. I do not care what kind of apocalypse this is, and I really do not need much plot, if it makes sense. What I really like is the dynamics of two people alone at the end of the world who have to trust each other. You might be able to replace an extreme forced intimacy (like Adriana Andrews’ Whiteout). Any suggestions?

Asender: Scorpio Syndrome A series by Rebecca Zanti. Warning about dubious consent in some books and the events involve a deadly virus, if anyone wants to get away from this story now.

Eliza: First year By Nora Roberts (A | BN | K | G | far away ) Although while there is romance it is not the main plot line.

Alan M.: Two series after magical apocalypse come to mind – by Isabel Cooper Brings the storm Series (books first and 3 especially) and A gathering of dragons A series by Mila Wayne, though the latter have more of a cast ensemble feel

Sarah: In my interview with Julia Quinn, she also asked for post-apocalyptic books, and recommended Life as we knew it By Susan Bat Pepper.

Laura, in comments, said, “When it comes to a dystopian novel, I loved NK Jamison’s fifth season, and even though it’s more of a dystopian noir, the city and town of China Miville.”

Susan: The glowing dead By Caitlin Starling Maybe? It’s a survival horror, and it’s hard to get into “two people alone who have to trust each other” in the first place – the protagonist is a cave for rent examining monstrous tunnels, whose only connection while down there is a man manning the radio.

And I agree with Laura’s comments, that The fifth season Great and does really cool things with its structure

Amanda: We also have a “dystopian” option in locating our books!

Which books would you recommend? Let us know!



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