alina starkovThe Shadow and Bone series – Right Writing Words

The Shadow and Bone series – Right Writing Words


After years upon years of waiting, it has finally arrived.

The moment Lai Bardugo fans were eagerly awaiting.

God Shadow and bone The Netflix series premiered on April 23, 2021, giving viewers a full first season with 8 episodes. With Jesse Mae Lee as Alina Starkov and Ben Barnes in the role of Darkness, book fans were expecting great things.

Thank heavens above we were not disappointed.

As a die-hard fan of Six crows A series that also enjoyed Shadow and bone In the series, I was afraid that the processing would end like the Percy Jackson Movies: Poorly planned and unable to do justice to the books.

But when I saw Leigh Bardugo be a part of the production, I expected in my heart that this series would not be a complete flop.

The series focuses mainly on making Alina the Sun Summoner and her journey to help Rebecca end the war. The casting is done perfectly. I think some of the actors and actresses on the show may not fit into the pictures of some readers about how they imagined the characters, but each person came in perfectly.

(Just prepare yourself emotionally for Nikolai’s absence.

Shadow and bone Assembled a team of players full of potential and talent.

But some of you may be wondering, What about the Six crows plot?

Well, dear reader, Kaz Barker and his crows certainly are to do Appear and influence the story.

Just not as they imagined they would do.

When millions of people read the books and knew the story, the producers could not just copy and paste the plot into the series, right? No.

Be prepared to follow the crows for a chilling adventure, one we have not yet experienced, but one that everyone will devour and be left with a desire for more. You will gasp in surprise when you meet new but familiar characters and giggle when you hear these characters say the quotes you highlighted in your book.

He smiled in surprise at Kaz ‘plots, admired Inge’s belief and marveled at the fact that Kit Young was born to play Jasper.

As much as this series was wonderful and enjoyable, I have a feeling that so much is still ahead of us. And I have good news for everyone Shadow and bone Out drug addicts: It’s renewed for a second season, and judging by the show’s popularity, it might even last longer.

I started watching the series with a specific set of expectations.

Did they meet? Definitely.

Did I enjoy the new twist the series has taken? Yes.

Will I watch the second season? You can bet on any book on your bookshelf that I will count back the days until I can cuddle up with my velvet and watch the binge until the wee hours of the night.

that’s it!

Did you watch Shadow and bone? what were you thinking?

Until we meet again!
Xx Alexia



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