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Tips On How To Buy Books Online Safely


For those who are interested in expanding their book collection but do not have the luxury of browsing the physical bookstores, you should check out virtual bookstores or online stores that sell books and other products online.

Online shopping is not only convenient; It’s also hassle free because you’re one click away from the books you want. In addition, some of the books sold online are rare and available in limited editions. Therefore, leaving it in public is a big no-no, as it may harm the value and integrity of the book.

However, as with any buying and selling activity, there are a few things to keep in mind. It can help avoid problems and ruin the shopping experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind before buying books online.

How to buy books online securely?

Check the background or story of the seller

The first tip when buying online is to check the background or history of the seller. This is usually an indication of whether the seller is keeping his promises, can trust the integrity of the product and communicates well with the buyer. This information can usually be found on the feedback page or in comments from previous buyers.

Ask for a real picture of the item

Then ask for a real picture of the item the seller is selling. This is important because some sellers only view stock photos so buyers will not know the real condition of the item. In most cases, authentic sellers will post real photos of the item and take a photo if the buyer requests another photo. It is important to ask about some details, such as the condition of the paper, the margins of the book, the book cover or book cover and missing pages, especially if you are considering purchasing rare items or limited edition books. Remember that any unnatural state of the book will diminish its value.

Ask for the terms and conditions

You should also ask the seller about his terms and conditions, return policy and refunds in case there is a problem with the item. Some sellers will allow the goods to be returned; However, shipping costs are usually borne by the buyer, while others return for free within a certain time. Please note that ordering from international sellers may incur customs duties and other additional costs.

Can you meet?

If the seller is new, one can ask if he can meet in a public place. This ensures that the seller is authentic and since he is in a public place, he can ask for help if needed. However, it is wise to take someone with you to make sure you are safe. Check the books carefully to make sure this is the right book they are both talking about. For those who collect rare books, ask for a certificate verifying the book. Chances are real sellers will be able to provide a certificate of originality for the book and the agency or organization that verified the item.

On the other hand, those who tend to buy e-books should only buy from licensed sellers to help writers. Some offer a free preview of their books so you can try them out before purchasing the entire book.

What is the payment method?

Last but not least, the seller determines the payment method. Ask how to handle your payment. Some companies would allow cash on delivery, check payments, and even postal checks or cashiers. Other sites also offer electronic payment, which is an excellent means of payment because you can get your money back if it turns out that the seller is a scam.



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