Top 10Top 10 of 2021: Favorite Book Boyfriends

Top 10 of 2021: Favorite Book Boyfriends


The top 10 of 2021 is hosted again by Kimberly Faye reads.

Technically the topic for today should be OTP or a preferred pair. But it’s more fun to list my favorite book friends from this year, so that’s what I’m sharing! And maybe I’ll have to go through more than 10, it seems.

Although long hair usually does not do it for me, I feel in love with Jonathan / Rage with the addition of this debut author to SmartyPants Romance Green Valley Public Library series. Read my review here.

So I myself am a wall flower completely. There always have been, probably always will be. And this book was the kid I would have been in love with in high school, if only there was a guy like him there. See what I thought of Dare in my review here.

So again, my long hair is not my favorite, but God, I adored Joey! He made me laugh so much when we met him in the other books in this series, but this book put him on my list of top friends in the books. Go read my review here.

I love the teacher / school series that Meghan Quinn writes. As a teacher / librarian at school, so much is what I wish I could find for myself. Especially Romeo. He was exactly what I wish I could find myself. Check out my review here.

One thing I always love about Emma Hart’s stories is the incredible brawl. And it will not disappoint in this regard. I loved Colton’s humor, but I also loved how he took responsibility when it came to the sexy times! You can check out my review of this first book in this trilogy here.

I adored Eddie in this book. Although he may not have been Jackie’s type at all, he was completely mine. 🙂 You can read my review here.

Although I always thought I wanted a brother to shepherd throughout this series, it was Carter who made me say I wanted him especially when I read his story. I mean the date he took her to a bookstore? Could a date be more perfect? Check out my review of this fun holiday story here.

Now Camden, the first Harris brother we’ve met in this series will always be my favorite, but Zander Williams probably goes to second place after this book. I actually adore boys who have a bit of a rough sense of humor, and Zander had it perfectly. You can check out my review here.

So this book came pretty close to my online dating adversity, maybe it’s part of what sets me up to continue to be disappointed. I loved the posts back and forth with Zack. The mess. Why can I not find a guy to talk to in a dating app that the conversation can be even half as good as that? You can check out my review here.

Both of these books made me fall in love with Jackson James. I was hoping he would get his own HEA, and Penny Reed did not disappoint how she gave it to him. You can read my review of these two here and here.

Okay, some champion runners I feel the need to share:

So in this case, it’s not really the character, but the cover model. I could just sit and stare at that cover all day. His eyes, he’s dreamy, my perfect look kind of guy.

And technically Sam Yuan is not a “character” in the story, but I do admire him when he plays James Fraser on Outlander, As well as being himself in the story of this tour, it was fun to hear his voice and accent. You can read my review of it here.

Now Caltus Winston is not a new book member, but since he did get a completely different story for himself, well and for his wife of course, I must include him as a lieutenant colonel. You can check out my review of this fun, sexy, smart and pleasant mystery here.

Last thoughts:

Will I fight with any of you for the rights of any of the authors of these books? Have you discovered new book members this year that you want to talk about?

If you are interested in joining the top 10 of 2021, you can go to the links at the top of the hosting blogs. Here are the other topics you will see soon:

Tomorrow’s theme is the best of the best. Again I will share both YA list and romance list because it is so hard to narrow it down too!

Also, while you are here, make sure you are going to join my monthly gift summary here. It is open until the end of 2021!

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