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Top Literary Adventures Based on Water For You To Try Yourself


Spending some quality time on the water is a dream for many, and this very idea has inspired some famous books and movies. Whether they are fictional or based on real events, we can not help but feel that we are in action when we see characters floating down a river.

If you are an ocean lover, visiting some tourist destinations inspired by movies and books must be at the top of your list of categories; After all we all love literary adventures.

This article lists the five best tourist destinations you can consider for your next trip.

Top Water-Based Literary Adventures: Where to Visit First?

# 1 Trip to India Inspired by Pi’s Life

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Pi’s life There was also great success on the big screen and on the bookshelves. The book remained a bestseller for a very long time and the film based on this novel won eleven Oscar nominations.

Munar in India is one of the places visited on a Life of Pi trip around the country.

Munar in India (Image provided by Kerala Tourism)

After such a huge success of the film, the Government of India introduced Tourism is inspired by Phi’s life package. The package offers visits to beautiful sites of Munnar and Puducherry where a few scenes from the film were filmed.

No. 2 A trip to the Oxford Canal inspired by the wind and the prairie

The Spirit in the Prairie by Kenneth Graham is a classic story that adults and children love.

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The wind and the prairie Was one of Kenneth Graham’s best children’s books. The story took place in a pastoral version of England, where we can see a lot of wildlife and nature.

Oxford Street, known for its gothic spiers and cream-colored sandstone building rich in history and well-known writers.

Oxford (Photo provided by Paul Gamble)

For all the fans out there who want to experience a similar experience, you should definitely go on this trip that will take you further Narrow cruise along the Oxford Canal. Here you can enjoy a relaxing boat trip with friends and family. In addition, you can witness some stunning views of Oxford and eat local cuisine.

# 3 Call me on your behalf A trip inspired by Italy

Call me by your name written by Andre Asiman located throughout Italy

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Call me by your name Was a film that was released back in 2017. The film received excellent reviews and won several Oscars for its soundtrack.

Burgato, Italy, Lake Garda, Minchio River.  Travelers, travel, drug addict books

If you are among some fans who want to get inspired by this film, you should visit Italy, where certain parts were filmed. You can see beautiful landscapes and visit the local markets there. Visit places like Karma, Cremona, Lombardy, where all the romantic scenes of the film were filmed.

# 4 Farewell, a cowboy-inspired trip to Croatia

Farewell, Cowboy is a Croatian novel written by Olja Savičević Ivančević can be a great reference for literary adventures

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If you are a lover of Croatian literature and films, you must go on this trip. You will visit amazing places like Sibinik, Karlovac and Plitvice National Park. Like the book, the film takes place in a scenic version of Croatia that you will experience during this trip.

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Your trip here can also include several Sailing sailing in Croatia In some breathtaking destinations like Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, which are also described in the book. Croatia will provide you with the best feelings and scenic views, Shadada, the main character, explained beautifully In the book.

No. 5 in the Land of the Long White Cloud A trip to New Zealand inspired by him

In the country the long white cloud is located in New Zealand.  Could be the source of literary adventures for all the bookworms out there

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In the land of the long white cloud By Sarah Lark We follow the story of Helen Davenport as she travels from London to New Zealand in search of a suitable husband. During her crossing to Christchurch her world collides with another and unreasonable friendships are forged.

Milford Sound in New Zealand A popular location to visit while touring the island.

Image provided by Bernard Sprag. NZ

New Zealand has some amazing places worth visiting that have appeared in the novel including Christchurch and Queenstown, but why not give yourself some time to explore Auckland And Whangarei, where you can enjoy a boat tour and dine at some of the best restaurants in the country.

Have you been on any literary adventures after reading a book? Would you recommend a trip to others?

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