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Unravel the Dusk by Elizabeth Lim – Right Writing Words


title: Unravel the Twilight (Blood of the Stars, No. 2)
author: Elizabeth to the sea
release date: July 7, 2020
rating: 4/5 stars

Hello, lovely readers!

After being busy with this book for almost 4 months, I’m glad to say I finished it! This is not because the book was too boring or complicated, but because I was at a low reading.

Turn the dawn Was the first book I ever wanted right after I saw it, because of its stunning cover. As superficial and clichéd as it sounded (yes I judged the book by its cover), I couldn’t help but be drawn from the illustration.

After seeing Unravel the twilightThe cover of, I knew I owed it too. His color scheme was the complete opposite of his prequel: shades of warm red mixed with white, compared to the cool shades of the first book of blue and black. The contrasting colors should have given each reader an indication of what to expect next.

where Turn the dawn Was a magical fairy tale, a poor girl who uses her skill and talent to win the heart of the object of beautiful love, Unravel the twilight There was a gloomier story. This book is characterized by a darker tone, choosing to focus more on aspects of what the war is doing to the country than to woo the reader with charm and happiness and wealth.

The writing has not been downloaded in any way. The author’s writing is lyrical and beautiful, weaving a story like Maya Tamarin woven dresses. The affair between Maya and Eden was painfully sweet, but never distracted from the overall story. Instead, it served me as a reminder of what Maya had to lose, and made me relate to her even more.

Mythology fits perfectly into this book; I wanted to know more about Covenant and the blood of the stars. This created an amazing backdrop for an already beautiful story and only added to the richness of the story.

If I could ask for something, I would ask for a little more development for the character of Lady Sarnai and a little more of her history. She may not be likable but no one will agree with me when I say she is an immovable force of nature.

Maya was a wonderfully strong and resilient heroine. Even though she knows she’s facing a terrible end, she has not given up and given her all to keep those she loves safe. She is effortless and I think she deserved the good end she got.

that’s it!

Do you like more legends or do you prefer darker and more serious books?

Until we meet again!
Xx Alexia



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