AdventureVeronica: A Musketeer’s Story | LITERARY TITAN

Veronica: A Musketeer’s Story | LITERARY TITAN


Veronica By Judy Studard is an adventure story about the unexpected life events of the famous character. Born in Anolina, a beautiful country with Spanish-like characteristics, the protagonist was trained by her father to be a bullfighter since childhood, despite the outside world’s prejudices towards women in this vocation. But when things do not go exactly as planned in Veronica’s debut as a bullfighter, she quickly escapes to encounter exciting adventures in a whole new land, Encasia, as part of the revered King’s Guardians, the Musketeers.

The premise of the fascinating fantasy story for children is quite interesting and the fictional countries are clearly based on real countries, like Spain, France and Italy, but they are full of fantastic elements. Veronica often refers to magical concepts and creatures, as well as various human species. It makes the story exciting and the solid world construction adds another layer of depth to the story and creatures.

The characters are well developed, making it easy for readers to relate to them. The character of the main villain is well defined, which is surprising because children’s stories often have one-dimensional antagonists but here we get a character who of course has some thought behind it. But even with that I still found myself looking for the good guy.

Events occur one after the other, leaving the reader involved throughout the story and making him want to read more. I felt that using a very comfortable magical object made things a little easier for the characters, but I still enjoyed the story.

Veronica: The Story of Musketeer Takes readers on a journey of sword and imagination full of imagination that was fun from start to finish.

Pages: 376 | ASIN: B09FH43HV2

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