General Bitching...Whatcha Reading? January 2022, Part One

Whatcha Reading? January 2022, Part One


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Hello everyone! This is our first Whatcha reading for 2022!

Check out which books we are currently diving into!

Sarah: I finished 2021 by rereading Reading the crows series. I can not imagine why I enjoyed reading a series where “Let the Rage Be Your Guide” was a major theme. What a mystery.

Now I’m reading Damn luck By Kelly Armstrong (A |. BN | K | far away ) – Curses voucher connected to a lucky employee to undo the curse of a famous necklace.

curry: I’m reading the printed version of Barbarians of the Ice Star. (A |. BN ) I conclude from the article that some changes have been made with the publication of the printed version and I like it much more than I thought I would – turning pages without a doubt.

sleep: I just finished role model By Rachel Reid And I cried like a baby at the end. My Heart.

Catherine: I just started reading The most unusual duke By Susanna Allen, And so far it seems to be a traditional regency marriage of a romance of renewal of comfort, only with werewolves and bears and other creatures and. I enjoy the combination ‘We must return this dusty mansion to its former glory’ and ‘Oh no, there is only one bed!’ With ‘By the way the servant is a turtle’.

All things are handled in such a prosaic and matter-of-fact way that it makes me laugh.

Eliza: I just got it Crash site By Rachel Grant (A |. BN ) In the mail but we have not started it yet.

Maya: I just finished Family members By Alcia Dow. Aliens that look like POC crash land in Florida and have to hide from royal assassins! They also have a whole interest of mind-speakers with each other! And their love is forbidden! The cover is amazing and the inside parts are pretty great too!

I also listen The angel’s prophecy By Nali Singh. (A |. BN | K | G | far away ) I’m on book 11 out of 14 and I’ll be completely lost when I run out of books!

Susan: I read still sick By Akashi, (A |. BN | K ) Who deals with an office worker whose co-worker discovers that she draws pan-comics. So far, it makes me chuckle! I too would pray that the earth would swallow me up if my co-workers found my film, not to mention read it in front of me.___.

So what’s reading in the new year? Tell us below!



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