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Where the Rhythm Takes You by Sarah Dass – Set in Tobago, a Stunning YA Romance about Love, Second Chances, and Change – The Quiet Pond



17-year-old Reina spent most of her life at her family’s stunning beach resort in Tobago, Plumeria. But what once looked like paradise is starting to feel more like an aggregator. It’s been two years since Reina’s mother passed away, two years since Aidan – her best childhood friend, first kiss, first love, first of all – left the island to pursue his musical dreams. Reina’s friends are all planning their future and traveling abroad. It seems that even Dad wants to move on, leaving her to try and keep the plumeria.

Then Aidan roars back to her life – as a VIP guest at the resort.

Aidan is now a third of DJ Bacchanal – the latest and hottest music group in the arena. While Reina stayed exactly where he left her, Aidan returned to Tobago with his Grammy-nominated band and two stunning Los Angeles friends. And he may (or may not) be dating one of them …

Where the pace takes you By Sarah Das is the kind of book that feels like a love letter to Tobago, all the loves we have lost and found, and also to teenage girls who are afraid to want something more for themselves. I loved this amazing novel; I loved how the story took me straight to the resort on Reina’s beachfront, Plumeria, where the story takes place mostly.

If you are looking for reading in the summer – or you are about to enter the colder months and want something that will warm your skin and heart, then Where the pace takes you Is a great choice – and I can not recommend this book more, especially the audio book! But, to be on the safe side, here are five reasons why you should pick up this gem of a book.

1. The Story Inspired by Persuasion by Jane Austen

I read persuasion Years ago and remember very little of Jane Austen’s classics, but Where the pace takes you Takes all the big times of persuasion And gives him his talent and pace. same as persuasion, Where the pace takes you He has the romance of the second chance that hits all the right characters, the suspense and drama that comes with it (but more on romance in the second chance later!), The number of times the characters bump into each other, hinting at sometimes-funny, sometimes heartbreaking moments.

2. Located entirely in Tobago – and it will make you want to be there as well

The assemblage of Where the pace takes you Takes place in Tobago, especially at the beachfront family-owned resort of Reina. Das beautifully captures the feeling of Tobago, not only in the descriptions of the summer heat, the sights and also the music, but also in the way in which Tobago’s description feels like a love letter to the island and its people. I loved how the story captures the community in Tobago that surrounds Reina and how everyone supports each other (like how Reina supports local businesses!).

3. The second chance novel is stunning and full of longing

If you love romance on a second chance, then Where the pace takes you Will make you weak in the knees. The story follows Reina, who reunites with her first love who left to be part of DJ Bacchanal, one of the hottest music bands in the world, as he returns home to Tobago with his bandmates.

Via flashbacks, Where the pace takes you Beautifully builds Reina and Aiden’s relationship and their ‘first love’ journey where they chose each other, but also captures the heartache of their breakup when Aidan decides to leave Tobago to pursue a career in music. Their reunion is awkward, intense, but the two can not deny the chemistry and connection they have to each other – and so the story examines whether the two will ever overcome the gap between them, and what follows is amazing. Moreover, the intensity between Reina and Aidan is not without many quiet moments of longing, which I loved.

4. It also deals with family, dreams and grief

In addition to the great romance of the story, Where the pace takes you There is also a significant and soft investigation of grief and loss, and its remnants years later. Years ago Reina lost her mother with whom she had a complicated relationship. As a result, Reina abandoned her dream of becoming an artist and painter to grow roots in Tobago and take care of her family’s beach resort.

It’s through the thread of this story where the emotional moments of Where the pace takes you Really shine. Involved in Reina’s complex family dynamics, giving up her dream of keeping her mother’s resort and dream on the beach, Where the pace takes you Offers a complex but compassionate portrait of mourning, and how mourning can manifest itself in different ways and motivate us to hold things tighter.

5. Finally, a deep story about the inevitability of change

At its core, Where the pace takes you Is an amazing story about the inevitability of change and how, in the end, we all must move on. I resonated so much with Reina’s character, not only in the way she resists change, but also how she fights his inevitability by self-sacrificing her potential for bigger things. Parts of this story confront – but subtly through his compassion story – and Reina’s journey to deal with the grief she has clung to for years and let herself dream and pursue something she truly loves is so profound – and blends beautifully with the romance.

Is this book for you?

Legal premise: A boy reunites with her first love when he returns home to Tobago amid the changes taking place at her family’s beach resort.

Perfect for: Readers who love novels on second chance; Readers looking for romance with a ‘summer’ vibe; Readers; Readers interested in retelling persuasion By Jane Austen.

Think twice if: You are not a fan of second-chance novels and the drama that comes with them.

genre: Contemporary romance for young adults

Trigger / Content Warning: Mentions of a parent’s death

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