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Challenge: Children living with diabetes

presenter: The purpose of this book is to show a normal child living a normal life while managing diabetes, which is great, but diabetes management looks a little different now than it did 30 years ago. This kid still pees on ketone strips to measure his blood sugar level, which is pretty irrelevant in today’s world of CGM almost everywhere (continuous glucose monitoring – a sensor attached to the body that provides real-time blood sugar readings via an app). Most children today would also use a pump rather than a syringe, which is the only tool for delivering insulin in the book, with the exception of one insulin pen.

The other weird thing about this book is the extended section dedicated to a summer camp for children with diabetes in which the protagonist participates. The point is probably to show kids doing all sorts of things their friends can do, but it feels a little weird and strangely specific to this kid. Especially the face painting consultant for any activity, included in the photos.

Holly: When a child is diagnosed with diabetes and learns to live with it, both they and their parents need up-to-date and helpful information. It does not offer any of these things. A good idea; Gone is his time.

Urine sample

Blood sample

Summer Camp



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